Out of Control

OOC are the initials of the brand Out of Control. The name itself is an adequate representation of the universe and inspiration behind the brand. More than that, it is also a message directed at the new generation, growing in a world that is constantly evolving at the same rate as those who inhabit it. A generation that mostly never knew of a world without internet and that grew alongside a culture of imagery and photography. Thus, the success of social media platforms such as Instagram, should not come as a surprise. Today, more than ever, people are influenced by the overwhelming amount of images brought forth to their eyes. Something that in the long run could deform ones perception of the world and lead us to believe that we all share the same opinions concerning a variety of topics, when in reality, this is far from the truth. To us, this is nothing but a simple illusion. Nowadays, even those in positions to make changes, don’t take the time to develop their own ideas and/or inspirations, but let social media dictate their actions.

It has been proven that living in this persistently connected world could lead to different forms of depression. Generations taken over by the stress of being available almost 100% of the time, as well as overthinking irrelevant figures, such as the number of “likes” received on their latest posts. This is the generation OOC is aimed at and tries to inspire to lead more interconnected lives, out of reach of social media. Our goal is to ultimately insight them to share their individual opinions on different matters, without being influenced by the online majority. In fact, each person is unique and has his own vocations. It is only by grasping their ideas that they will be able to experience their artistic side and thus a desire to create something truly unique. Do what you love, believe in what you do, listen to your instincts and be creative! In order for this to happen, you must become “out of control” and break the cycle of false opinions generated by images you see on social media.